Niagara Bible Conference has been ministering on the shores of Lake Ontario for 75 years.

In 1964, after 12½ years at the 1179 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY location, it became evident that the headquarters building needed major costly repairs along with becoming too small for our needs.  AMOC looked at several pieces of property but did not find anything adequate that we felt we could afford.  We were offered one of the engineers’ buildings for the Lewiston power project, because the project had been completed and the buildings were left vacant.  We did not have a piece of property on which to locate the building, so after much prayer, it was decided to contact Niagara Bible Conference to see if there would be any possibility to put the building on their property and rent the space from them.

At the same time, the Niagara Bible Conference board had realized that they were having difficulties with running their own program and felt they needed to turn the Conference over to another Christian organization.  Buffalo Youthtime (now Buffalo Christian Center) was first on the list because they held their youth camps at NBC each summer.  They were approached but were not interested because they were too involved within the city of Buffalo.  AMOC “happened” to be next on their list, but the NBC board did not know if AMOC would even be interested.  They wanted to turn NBC over to AMOC, and AMOC in turn would be responsible for the indebtedness that the Conference still had, which was not a huge amount.  That way AMOC would run the NBC programs and would have plenty of space that was needed.

Before AMOC moved to the Niagara Bible Conference grounds, we had been given land in New Hampshire (about 75 acres), which became a campground.  It was called “Miramoc Manor”, combining “Miracle” with “AMOC” because it had been a “miracle” the way the property had been donated to AMOC.  A couple of AMOC pastors had even built cabins on the property.  Our annual Pastors’ Conference was held there along with several weeks of children’s camp each summer.  It was our New England Headquarters, but our New England Director left to take a pastorate outside of AMOC about the time of our move to Olcott.  We did not have anyone else to place there and did not feel we could run two camps.  Eventually (in the mid-60’s), the property was sold and several pieces of equipment (tractor, commercial dishwasher, etc.) were brought to Niagara Bible Conference.  The funds were also used to benefit Niagara Bible Conference.

In the 1980’s, AMOC was given property (250 acres) near Rushford Lake in the Southern Tier of New York State.  This had been owned by Richard Hughes (an AMOC Councilman) and his partner in their printing business, Larry Donner, and was called “Camp Faith”.  A lodge with dining and laundry facilities was built on the property and people stayed mostly in trailers and campers.  Church groups used the grounds for retreats along with others who just wanted a place to go and relax.  The property was sold in 1994 and the funds were used to pay off two of the three houses that had been built here on the Conference grounds, along with eliminating our other indebtedness at the time.

In the Spring of 2011 the AMOC board realized that the Conference and Church planting aspects of the ministry were struggling and prayerfully considered what to do next.  After many hours of meeting and prayer, it was decided to approach Global Outreach Mission, to see if they would be interested in a merger.  GOM was interested and did much research into the proposition and in September of 2011 AMOC and Niagara Bible Conference and Adventure Camp merged into Global Outreach Mission.